I send you a thousand kisses.

I am a student at London University.

Isn't this fun?

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You should sue Janos.

I won't wash the plates.

He stopped looking for the pearl.

Many students struggle with math and science.

Panzer looked out of the window.


Ginny isn't too old to do that.

These shirts are the same. They are the same size.

Get away from him.

Hurry up, Martin. We're already late!

I prepared breakfast for them.


I carelessly deleted your e-mail address and had to ask Russell in New Zealand for it.

Don't break a mirror.

Stevan has studied both French and English.

I'll try to speak to them after they're gone.

The medicine tastes bitter.


Would you like to come to my parents' house?


His conduct was admirable.

I will visit you as soon as I can.

She always shouts when she is angry.

Aomori is famous for its good apples.

Let's put in a lot of time on that project.

Dan managed to escape the authorities.

I expect a lot from him.

That's all we know about them.

The farrier fitted the shoe to the horse's hoof while the shoe was hot.


We're in the house.

Please give me a hand with my job.

I'm sure Jef will be here shortly.

Kathy set about brightening her coworkers' day with fresh muffins when her demoniac alter ago, High Priestess Lilith, convinced her to poison them.

A man with a big bank account can't be ugly at all.

You can trust him to keep his word.

You should have refused his request flatly.

I can't remember who I gave it to.

Are you going to come to Peter's party this weekend?

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A low pressure area, cloudy with wind and sunny intervals, covers all of Scandinavia.

Stay right there.

No mechanical problems were found.

That last sentence of yours doesn't make much sense.

He wrote a novel about vampires.

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Vice knows this is how it has to be.


He talked to her about her eyes, how that they were beautiful dark-blue seas, and that thoughts and feelings floated like mermaids therein; and he spoke of her brow, how that it was a fair snowy mountain, and many other such like things he told her.

Morning found them on deck.

These are beautiful bookcases.

Three shots were heard.

We must keep the children from danger at all costs.

Where did you get that hat?

Whatever story I tell, Mother believes me.

I'm just too busy.

I never knew what Susumu was doing.

What must we do to avoid having this problem again?

That medicine isn't going to help.

Charleen came in.

I'll treasure your kind words.

Hey, what's the deal?

It is foolish of him to pay for it again.


I'm afraid we're going to be late for school.

Hilda made a good suggestion.

He sings well.

I've got blisters all over my feet.

There is a cat on fire in my pants!


If a man kills a tiger, they say it's sport. If a tiger kills a man, they say it's brutality.

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I don't care about my future.

You can't accuse him of stealing unless you have proof.

Donovan's involvement in the bank robbery is yet to be established.


It makes me constantly depressed.

You should eat this while it's still warm.

Did you receive the letter?

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The storm broke.

He cannot tell right from wrong.

I play shogi a little.

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This is going to sound completely fatuous, but it's my honest answer.

She was dressed fit to kill.

Take your time. You're working too fast. You'll make mistakes.

I may have hurt your feelings, but such was not my intention.

What's your first memory of falling in love?

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I'm mistaken.


She flatly severed it.


Give Holly a moment.


I'm afraid we'll lose the game.


I'll explain the rules.

I am so brutishly fast, that I was already there before I ran at all.

Did you really tell us that?

Cristina is better at chess than I am.

The bearded god had promised to return someday in the same way he had left.


Do not forget to take your umbrella when you leave here.

The drowned body has not been recovered.

There are no secrets between us.


They were one of my favorite bands in high school.

Give Tuan back his money.

I went ahead and ate your dinner since you weren't here.


You're still working part time at a bakery?


Carla, the singer, has a great voice.

There's nothing the matter.

We've done a lot.

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I wasted away to skin and bone.

He's no eagle.

I hope there's no more red tape.

You should try not to scratch your insect bites.

He's still mad.

Annard didn't like children then and he still doesn't.

This is absolutely true.

Casey was a good cook.

Dick is extremely secretive.

Charles told me that he thought Boston wasn't as safe as it used to be.

Triantaphyllos doesn't have a savings account.

You're not answering the question.

A lot of funds are necessary to travel.

It is better to struggle and suffer than to have everything and be bored.

I'll be in Boston just for the weekend.


She got a pair of shoes from Father.

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I'll meet with him.

Do I look okay?

Excuse me, but I think this is my seat.

Andreas doesn't want to do that and I don't blame him.

It was only yesterday that I heard the news.

Tuan was glad when Sanjib offered to help him in the garden.

A fund was set up with a view to preserving our endangered planet.

I have no time to read books.

This problem is very common but doesn't have an easy answer.

This is horrible.

I'm going to study biology and Spanish.

Patty couldn't stand it anymore.

It's what you wanted, isn't it?

My mother gets up earlier than I.

I'd love to hear you sing sometime.


We have a big dog.

He had an out-of-body experience.

We can't pay the taxi driver if we don't have any money.

It's already eleven o'clock. I must be leaving now.

We must work together to build a better world.

She's watching the Olympics.

What do you call this animal in French?

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The play's over.


They'll think of something.


All you have to do is to join us.

What you do in your own time is none of my business.

Can I talk to for just a minute?

This and that are two different stories.

Do they really exist?

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I think I can help with that.

Spencer and I go a long way back.

It is not without risk to swim in this lake.


Mac wanted to turn himself in to the police.

Does it matter to you how much it costs?

People who make no noise are dangerous.

Everybody knows.

Maybe the box was empty.

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Don't worry. We won't fail this time.

There are a great number of schools in this city.

Shakespeare, whose plays are world-famous, lived some four hundred years ago.

I assume you know what we're supposed to do next.

Terry was convicted of tax evasion.


I recommend we keep our distance.

They are all ears.

Any chance of the parcel getting there by Saturday?

Kory has recommended you for the job.

He went there instead of his father.


Our governments have become space aliens living among a human population.

Shall I ask Craig for help?

Am I allowed to use this?